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Friday, October 15, 2010

Give-Away and My Favorite Room of the Moment!

This is just a reminder for "THE THRIFTED MARKET" to send me your address- you won the give-away!  I hate to do it, but if I don't get a response from her, I will re-draw a winner on monday!  Has anyone done that, is that fair to do, do you think?  Should I wait longer???  I feel nervous about her not knowing....please get back to me "thrifted market"!!! Friday!  This week went fast, don't you think?!  I really can't belive it is already friday.  I found this image I'm sharing awhile back.  Sorry, I don't know where it is from, but I love it!  It has to be my favorite at this moment.  Isn't everything just perfect.  I don't think I would change a thing!!

Ahh...I just love it!  Enjoy your weekend...hope it is fun!


  1. I think it's fair...AND...Your room is FABULOUS!!!
    I have a little GIVEAWAY too today ...pop over and enter.

  2. I love that room! I was just thinking yesterday how I could get one of my walls to look like that!! I just love the brick. I know that they have faux brick panels but not sure how that would look. Might have to do some checking this weekend! :)