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Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Dog...

We had totally planned not to....
But then we did...

Yes, that is the same dog!!  I thought he needed a fresh I really wanted to see what he looked like without all that fur!  We have had him almost 2 months now and he is fitting in just perfect!  We kinda liked him all raggy looking and all, but now this way, he will grow back a fresh new coat of fur that will be more easily manageable!  Plus, we had to do it before it got too cold!  Brr.....  

I tricked Connor that it was a new dog when he got home from school friday!  He fell for it, hook line and sinker!  Then I felt bad and told him the truth!  I am not a good liar! 

What did you do this weekend?  I got started on painting my coffee to come soon!  If I don't hear from  "A Thrifted Market" by the end of today, I will draw a new winner for the pillow!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you won a little OWL PIN!!! Just blogged about it.
    Your dog is adorable...that's quite the transformation!

    Please email me where to send your little "TWOOT TWOOT"

  2. I so thought you really got another dog with your title!! :) He looks so handsome and his Halloween bow is adorable!!!

  3. gorgeous scruffy and gorgeous trimmed up - it wouldn't be too hard to trick anyone into believing that they are two different doggies too!

  4. I love your dog he is sooo cute. What kind of breed is that? Because we're are thinking about having a dog too and he would just fit.

  5. Thanks! Well, he came from the shelter and was a mix breed! He is only 8 months old. They said he was mixed with a Terrier, Yorkie, Shetland and Collie! He is sweet as can be and a great little dog!