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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Heart Fall...

We have been blessed with some gorgeous weather here in Michigan this past weekend!  I just adore fall days that are sunny and warm, leaves are falling all around you and the colors are just breathtaking!  I took the dogs for a walk yesterday morning and  took in the scenery all that I could, knowing that it is going to start getting cold again! 

I brought my camera along, knowing that the leaves always start dropping fast once they change color...and mixed in with the sunny morning, I had to get a few pictures! 

Isn't that orangey red color wonderful?!  It is in front of our house and our bedroom upstairs looks right out at it!  When the sun is really bright, it almost glows our room orange , it is so vibrant!

The dogs love it too!

And lastly, the Mums I bought at the Farmers Market on Saturday...aren't they lovely!


  1. Wasn't it great here last weekend! Your pictures are so pretty, and the mums are beautiful! I just love all the colors this year, they are so vivid and vibrant!

  2. I live in the midwest too and love fall. great pictures! I love michigan BTW...we go up near Traverse City every summer.