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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have You Ever Met....

Have you Ever Met :
Wild Billy and Gibby?  Gibby is the little one and Wild Billy is the brown Velveteen like rabbit.  They are super sweet little bunnies.  Very calm.  Very friendly.  Connor wanted a rabbit for the longest time and this summer we (insanely) agreed and his Grandpa built him a cage.  We went to this stock yard type thing and they had dozens and dozens of bunnies to pick from.  These two went home with us.  They didn't even come from the same "stand" and now are best buds.  The little one follows the big one around all the time!  I swear these two little things are going to eat me broke though!  Man, they eat alot! 

The  little one is a bit sneaky...we have an entirely fenced in back yard and so they hop around back there sometimes..well the little one has snuck out a few times, but always ends up back in the yard.  We had to catch him once or twice, outside of the fence....a headache that I do not like!  They are super fun to watch though..hoping around and jumping like crazy, rabid rabbits at times.  We get a good laugh of out it at least!

We told Connor we are officially done with pets now.  Two dogs, three cats, two goldfish, one hamster and two rabbits is more than enough for someone who lives right in town! 


  1. awww I love bunnies! When I was young I was obessed with bunnies. I wanted one really bad but sadly never got one.:( Love their names!

  2. SO cute!! I love bunnies but have never owned one. You have a busy house! I thought that with two cats and two dogs (used to have hamsters, but that novelty wore off fast) I was busy! :) Great pictures too!