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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Easy Halloween Mantels

These Halloween Mantels are so simple and cute! You can go with the traditional orange and black color theme, or the chic all white theme! I LOVE white pumpkins and picked up 10 of the mini ones at the farmers market this morning. I am not sure where they are going yet, but I will post picks when they are in place. But really, how easy is this decor? All you have to do is throw (or gently place) a mirror on the mantel, a couple candelsticks and a few pumpkins scattered about. Or place a fallish wreath above the fireplace and add a bunch of white pumpkins in and some ironstone(my ultimate fav!) How do you decorate your mantel (if you have one) for Halloween? *Note- these ideas can easily be done on a shelf or tabletop too.
**all images via flickr


  1. Wonderful pics . I love the mantel w/yellows!

  2. love the yellows on the mantel! You have great pics!