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Sunday, September 13, 2009

LOVE Big White Round Mirrors!

These are pictures of 2 white mirrors I have in my house. And also a tall (almost 4 feet tall!) wooden one that I scored at a garage sale the other weekend, for 5.00, that I am going to paint white or cream. I might be ambitious and try to get it done today, but things are not looking good for that! I have way too many other things on my to-do list today that NEED to get done! My hubby and little guy are out in the woods today on our other property, so I have a couple hours to myslef! Yippee! Anyways, the oval mirror I got at a yard sale for 7.00 and painted white, and the giant scrolly one I got at the Farmers Market last year. It is BIG and HEAVY and OLD! I believe I paid 15.00 for it- I painted it white(it was an ugly gold color) and distressed it. It hangs above my loveseat in the family room. It is about 4 feets wide by 3 feet tall!

Yesterday we went to a Octagon Barn Festival, and let me tell you- it was INSANE! I could not believe the amount of people there! We parked like a mile away from the festival and they had wagons hooked up to tractors, hauling people to the festival and back and forth to their cars. It was nuts! Inside it was your typical fall days like event, with yummy donuts cooked in front of you- fresh apple cider, squeezed before your eyes, homemade ice cream, pop corn popped in this HUGE kettle, fresh to the bags! It was really neat! Of course, we sampled all of them! I do doubt that a tiny one scoop of ice cream cost 3.00 back in the "oldin' days" though! There was also a big old farmhouse on the property there that they were giving tours through! I wish I had brought my camera- it was still furnished throughout with all th old rugs, furniture, light fixtures, claw foot name it! So cool! Anyways, it was a good time!

Enjoy my pics, I threw in one of a big shelf I got for a couple dollars at the farmers market and painted a glossy black. It turned out so neat, I think! I will post the big wood mirror when I get it done!

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