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Monday, September 14, 2009

Looking for Advice!!!!!

Hello! So I just wanted to give you some random shots of my living room and the furniture that is in it. I really want to repaint the room and I am having indecisiveness (is that a word?) on choosing a color! The couch is an oatmeal linen, the chairs are light brown and white, the TV console is a tealish robins egg blue (I should have gotten a picture of that) and the other chair in there is that aquaish striped one in one of the below posts. Does anyone have any suggestions on a color? I was leaning towards a soft chocolate brown....then just an ivory...and then to a...well...I don't know! :( If anyone is reading this, please give me your opinion! Oh, and ignore the messy living room! Sorry, I did not clean for you all! Shame on me!


  1. Probably a no brainer? But have you thought about white? I think your colourful furniture would really stand out againt a white background.
    I am actually painting my lounge pure white tommorow, then Im going to add a dash of bright colour's.

  2. I actually have considered white and I am leaning more towards white every day!