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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Lovelies

Aren't these two rooms just great! I love the simple white floors in the first room, as well as that gorgeous, aquaish, tealish wall color! So great! And that chandelier and those simple linen curtains! I also love the mini fireplace an old iron bed frame! I could go on and on! The bathroom is also perfect! I love those big white sinks- I am looking for one for our downstairs bathroom, which just has a simple white pedestal sink that we put in when we moved here a couple years ago. My husband would not let buy one since out sink is "perfectly functional, and basically brand new". But if I found one, and it was a great deal, I am sure I could sway him! My eyes are peeled! I also love the contrast of the dark floors and neutral color scheme.

Speaking of bathrooms, mine is calling my name- I can hear it screeching down the hall, "Clean me, clean me". I have about 3 loads worth of laundry waiting on the bathroom floor to be washed. I am washing the bedding right now and once they are done, on with more! I hate laundry. Not so much the washing part, it is the putting away I hate. I wish I could put the laundry on my bed and a little fairy could come and put it all neatly away. Maybe someday! :)

Hope you all have a nice, relaxing sunday!! Ta-ta!

**photos courtesy of flickr


  1. Love, love, love the rooms!! My hubby would never go for it, I have all green and brown in my house:(


  2. I would love to spend a weekend there with my hubby and a good book

  3. That bedroom is perfection all around. Love everything about it! The bathroom too is sink, tub, the mirrors, even the storage (my bathrooms need lots of it!)