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Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's the Thought That Counts...right!?

I had to share this story. My little boy, 7, went outside today and saw that the neighbors down the street were having a garage sale. He asked for some money to go and see what they had. I gave him a couple quarters and sent him on his way. A few minutes later, he returned, happy as a lark to present to me his "gift". That is what you see in the picture. Isn't it lovely!? He was so excited that he bought ME something and so proud to show it to me! As my heart welled up with pride, it also cringed. "Is he going to want me to hang this in the living room?", I wondered, as I ceerfully smiled and gave him a hug. " sweet of you honey!", I wholeheartely said, when in fact, I was thinking..."At least it has a solid wood frame I could paint...and an unbroken piece of glass." He hasn't talked about it much , except for reassuring himself by asking "But you do love cats Mom, right" like a million times. He wanted to make sure he did good. He did do good. He thought of someone beside himself, which is hard for a little boy to do. Even if I do not care for the gift, I keep telling him that I "just LOVE it!". It is worth it to see him smile , even if I have to hang it for a few days! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, this has to be the cutest story I've heard all day! The picture is priceless now!