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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Front Porches

With spring right around the corner, I have started to think about our front porch.  Every year I have grand ideas of making it spectacular and then..well....don't.  I've always wanted to hang curtains on the one side.  Our porch is covered and a decent size and I always thought those outdoor privacy curtains would look good on the one north side of our porch.  I just want it to feel more like a "room".  A place to sit and relax and enjoy the summer days.  I don't feel like that right now about it.  It is more of a dumping ground for sports stuff, boots, ect....Once the weather finally breaks, I am going to get the floors out there painted.  They haven't been painted in a few years and are getting pretty shabby looking...and not in the good shabby chic way.  The gross way.  Anyways, here are some cool front porch pics I found on flickr.....they get my idea juices flowing!


  1. Oooh can't wait to see photos of your porch all gussied up and gorgeous! :)

    I CAN NOT believe you are getting your chairs slipcovered for just $75!!!!! My one wingback chair is going to cost close to $650 (including fabric). You go girl! That is AWESOME!

    Also so happy to hear your shop is doing well. You know how much I heart your pillows.

    Sending more sunshine your way,

  2. I would take any one of them.... It's a place to share secrets, laugh, whisper and reminisce.