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Friday, March 12, 2010


It is a dreary, wet, damp, day here in the thumb of Michigan!  Yuck!  We have had unseasonably warm temps all this week- near 60!  And now it is back near 40.  Booo!  It is friday (yea!) but I do have a funeral to go to (boo!).  My friends husbands, dad passed away after a VERy short battle with bladder cancer.  It happened really fast and was quite a shock.  Please say a prayer for their family. 

On a happier note, my cousin is getting married tomorrow!  Unfortunately, it is out of state and we aren't able to go. :(  We have so much going on right now and a trip to Vegas just wasn't fitting in!  Yup- they are getting married in Vegas!  My mom leaves in a few hours to go, so I hope she brings back lots of pictures!  I will leave you with this fabulous picture of this lovely bed. (which is where I would love to spend the day!)  I hope you all have fun filled activities for the weekend!! :)

**image via flickr

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  1. Such a cozy bed! I'd love to spend all day there too! Though I think it would look even more fabulous with some of your pillows... :)

    What can I say, you are awesome and I adore you pillows and need to buy some more... soon, very soon. :)