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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rooms I Love

I love all these rooms!  Nate Berkus (last picture) is such a great designer. He has such a way with decorating that is so simple yet so put together!  I love his line of furniture too!  I also love that mirror in the second to last picture(country living).  It is such a great color grey! 

The sun is shining today here in Michigan and it is so nice to see!  There hasn't been much sun this winter, so it is a welcome surprise to wake up to!  I have to take Connor to the dentist today- oh fun!  He hates going to the dentist, as do I!  Like mother like son.  I hope you all have a nice day today!

Take Care!

**other images from flickr

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  1. Love that bib bunch of forced buds in the first kitchen and that gorgeous farm sink and subway tile in the second. great clean simplicity in all your choices. I'm loving them too.