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Saturday, March 6, 2010

New in Shop

New in my shop!  Custom Name Burlap Banner!  This looks great in a nursery/childs room...or hung on any wall!  I can make any name or any word.  Ex. LOVE, HOME, PARIS, TEA TIME, HOPE, EASTER, JOY..ect...  just to name a few!  Check out for more info!


  1. Love your banner and LOOOOVE your shop!

    Best wishes. :)

  2. I looove when cool stuff happens!!

    So. Check it:

    I get "Stuff from Etsy you might love" emails in my inbox, if I see something i LOVE in there, I favorite the item/shop/ today I feel in love with some pillows, posted the link on my Facebook Fan page for my blog, emailed a friend, etc. and went to add you to my blog on blogspot via link, but wait, you were already there!!



  3. ha! what a small world! thanks for the link though!!:)

  4. Just found you, and already love you! I'd like to do a give-a-way for one of these on my blog:

    Also, I am a K12 educator...I saw a link at the bottom of your page and thought you might be in the program!