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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Was A Good Day!! was good.  I got alot accomplished and got some awesome news!!  First of all, I called the lady that usually does my upholstering and asked her about the slipcovers.  Well, for some reason she cann't do them right now , but gave me the number of a new lady that just opened right in my town!  I called immediately and she asked me to bring in a picture of the chairs.  So I snapped a couple pics and off I went to show her it, and the pic in the Pottery Barn mag of what I want the slip to look like.  Well, she said she could make them and when I asked "how much"...I just about fell over.  In a good way.  75.00 bucks.  Yup- 75.00 to make a slipcover!!!!  Can you believe that....I hope she is good!  **fingers crossed**  She says she can do it and sounded like she knew what she was talking about.  She also said she does not do ALOT of slipcovers, but does do ALOT or re-upholstering.  So I hoep she does alright!  I did not tell her the other lady would charge over triple that! :)  I ordered my oatmeal linen today!  So excited!

The other good news is that my friend that works at a print shop called and said that her boss was getting rid of an old cabinet and if I wanted it I could have it!  She said it is sooo cool, with tons of those little drawers and cubbies!! She said it is four foot tall and about 5 feet long....I am going tomorrow morning to check it out because this other lady is interested in it and he said whoever takes it first, it's theirs.  He just needs it out of there!!  Wahoo....hopefully I get there before she does!   Isn't that evil of me! ;)  Ok...that's my good news, on top of selling 21 pillows today! (part of which was a large wholesale order). fingers are aching just thinking about it!

Well enough about me...I will leave you with some pretty rooms!!  Enjoy! *all photos flickr*

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