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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bits of My Weekend Re-Arranging Extravaganza

So, as promised here are some pics from this weekends re-arranging extravaganza!  It really did take me all weekend, morning to night to get all this done.  I am a slow worker, figuring things out as I go and deciding on whether it works for me or not.  Things can moved 4 or 5 times before they feel right!  I am still tweaking some things, but here are a few pics of what I did!

Moved a table in the living room.

If you don't remember, it used to be here.... this is the table I got for 5.00 and painted it white!

Moved the couch against the other wall.  I only have two walls in there the couch can go on. :(

Something had to go here since the table was moved!  This was the lucky winner!  Another old table from a flea market, basket from Tj Maxx.

Tried a blue/grey rug I had in the upstairs closet.  It used to be in here.

Nope.  Didn't work.  Back to the seagrass one!  Much better!

Another old table that had been in our basement.  My lovely hubby helped carry this up for me.  He actually carried this up, a dresser from upstairs down, and my large heavy fabric cabinet upstairs.  My back still hurts from that one.  We have one tricky turn on our stairs that was not fun!  I might have sworn. :)

Yellow pillow.  Much better!  Now I need one more coordinating fabric to make another...on the hunt for that!!

Manners Manners...this I put in the entry...I got it from Roll and Tumble Press on Etsy.  Love it!

Someone loves the basket!

 Cuckoo bird.


  1. I love how you arranged everything, it looks great! I love the table with the basket underneath it, very pretty! You old table is amazing too, you have lots of great pieces!
    Hope you back feels better soon! :)

  2. love the yellow pillow- it adds a more modern touch to the room! you have such great pieces in there- the table and accessories are beautiful!

  3. love it-I am always reaaranging too, only problem is, my house is tiny! only about 800 square feet, so I get tired of the same ole..the only thing I would change on your rearranging was the first picture, maybe place a table runner under the objects? I don't know, usually I am against anything like that (here in Greece we overload on doilies on every surface it is ridiculous!) but a pop of color would look lovely on that table, my opinion, you do whatever feels good to you though! keep the pictures coming, you are inspiring!!