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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please help! I need your opinion!!

Hi there!

Ok...I need your help please!  I am looking for a new rug for our living room and came across some great ones on

The problem is, I am a terrible decision maker and would just like some opinions.  I have ordered only one other rug from there (a jute one) and was pretty happy with it.  I am just nervous to order a big purchase like this online without seeing or feeling it!

Anyways, I came across these few.  They are going to replace the large seagrass one (which I love, but it is just too rough on Connors knees and he plays in there alot).  So it will move into another room where he plays less! 

Here are some of the choices..



So..what do you think?  I won't tell you my favorite..yet!

Thanks for your help!



  1. Hi there! I am in the States finally, it took me 52 hours of traveling, but I'm home! about the rugs.. I like #4, I think it would look nice in your home, but I LOVE #5, I have a similar one, but it's really not a carpet for high traffic because it is hard to clean. bye for now!

  2. I really like #4! What can I say, I am partial to the Sage green!

  3. I like 4 & 5! Also 1, but I like 4 & 5 better I think...

  4. i like 1 or 5 the best, but in my own house with 2 dogs and 2 kids, something with more pattern like 2 0r 6 would be vest for masking any dirt or spots.

  5. I am all about the shag rug! I love the look, the texture and feel, although a pain to vacuum! :)

  6. I see why you can't decide!! I love a shag rug...that is until I can't vacuum it and my stilettos get stuck! I'm always lured in by their coolness! 3 and 6 would hide stains well and go with many different colors. Longevity probably lies in 3 and 6.

  7. Hello,

    I like no. 1, 2, and 3. The shag rug is pretty but too hard to clean. Do you like Dash & Albert rugs? There are some Dash & Albert rugs on sale at
    Can't wait to see what you decide.