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Thursday, January 20, 2011



How are you?  This week has been crazy!  Monday school had a delay, tuesday Connor was home sick, yesterday school was cancelled from bad weather, today is a full day (amen!) and tomorrow is a scheduled 1/2 day!   This weekend is my birthday (yeehaw!) and then monday is another scheduled 1/2 day!  Gheesh!  Connor also has a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon!  Wowzer.  No wonder the weeks are flying by.  What are your weekend plans?

Today I thought I would share some great rooms that have very little color, but tons of texture!  This makes the room soo less bland and so much more interesting.  I think the key to decorating in whites and creams, and greys is to add a bunch of texture.  Whether it comes in rugs, pillows, window treatments or throw blankets...there are a ton of ways to add texture and coziness to sometimes "cold" decor.

Take a look at how these rooms accomplish this:

The wicker chairs add some great texture to all the hard edges.

The adorable little sink skirt adds so much to this room!

Again, the wicker chair, as well as the chicken wire in the doors.  Glass would give this a totally different look, but the chicken wire is superb!

Here sthe bed skirt offers the texture.  As well as the chippy blue table.  I love chippy pieces!  They add so much character to room!

Here it can be as simple as some branches in a vase.

I just love all the different textures going on here.  Love rusty water can, the stone backsplash and the wooden countertop.  Perfect-o!

How do you add texture to your home?


  1. I love them all!! Love the sink skirt!!!

  2. Love all the pictures! Since you asked, well I have only six days before I come back to the States (which I am dreading because I will be on airplanes 18 hours of the 24 travelling hours with a 2 year old)before then, I have volunteered to help clean a beach on Sunday, I have a baby shower on Sat. and Tuesday (I am making diaper cakes for both, first try, wish me luck) I have a dinner party tomorow night with my husband, and I still have to clean the house, do laundry, and pack before Wednesday morning. :) ooh! I was thinking, maybe the next blog you do, could you add photos from your work area? I love to see work stations!!

  3. WoW! I guess your weekend will be busy!! Good luck with the cake and safe travels!

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